Global Equine Veterinary Consulting focus is the equine athlete and its related industry. We offer advice and guidance on wide variety of lameness and performance issues, , as well as imaging and gait analysis interpretation. Furthermore, we offer education and support for the veterinarian, whether directly through the veterinarian or indirectly through companies affiliated with the equine industry.


Equine sports coaching

Unleash your horse’s true potential.

Imaging Consulting

Get a second read on things.

Vet to vet education

Improve your practical skills in clinical examination, ultrasound, spo…

Product research and development

Equine sports coaching

Creating and maintaining optimal health and performance in your horse is not that easy, as several pieces of the puzzle need to fit together. There are so many variables (training, feeding, shoeing, tack, environment, …), besides the horse’s own issues and limitations, that can influence the outcome. At Global Equine Veterinary Consulting we offer a complete assessment of all aspects related to the horse health and performance, after which we identify risk factors and current problems. A critical points analysis is created and a structured plan is made to address these critical points taking into account the goals of rider, owner and trainer.

Imaging consulting

Sometimes different opinions exist when it comes to the interpretation of abnormal radiographic findings. For this reason a second unbiased opinion can be helpful to better understand the significance of these findings as they relate to the horse’s future health and performance. Moreover, a second set of eyes can be helpful to make sure nothing is overlooked, especially when it comes to buying a horse or solving a difficult lameness issue. After evaluating the radiographs, we interpret the radiographic findings taking into account age, breed, discipline, competition level and clinical findings, as well as future use of the horse.

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Vet to vet eduction

Vet to vet education is specifically designed for equine practitioners with a interest in ultrasonography and/or integrated sports medicine and rehabilitation to improve their practical skills in a one-on-one or small group setting. We offer clinical assessment of the equine athlete (lameness/maintenance) with an integrated approach focussing on palpation (tendon, ligaments, joints, muscle, fascia, bones), postural assessment and gait analysis encompassing a variety of techniques and modalities (classical lameness palpation, chiropractic assessment, diagnostic acupuncuture exam, myofascial palpation, …). Most importantly we discuss how findings correlate with each other and give a meaning to them. After which a list of differential diagnosis are made and possible further diagnostic workup or treatment is discussed/performed. We also offer hands-on ultrasound sessions of the musculoskeletal system, whether you just want to improve your ultrasound technique or refine your technique before taking the ISELP examination.

Product research and development

If you have an equine product that you want to bring to market, we can offer you advice and help in the research, development and marketing aspects of it. We know the international horse market and its needs, and are familiar with research and clinical trials of equine products.

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